Thursday, September 23, 2010

easy as pie headbands

i've always wanted to be a headband person... but my head just seems to not like wearing them. they are always slipping off, or causing major headaches.  but i finally found the solution!!  and it was seriously as easy as pie!

I got the pattern free off Heather Bailey... which btw is an awesome website or blog i guess.  it only took me about 10 minutes to make them from start to finish, and they are SO comfortable!!  i would wear them everyday, but i need to make more first.  i ended up modifying the pattern a little bit because the headbands were a little too wide for my head... but it was so easy!!  all you need is a little material and about 6 inches of elastic!  here's the pattern available as a free download... and here are some pictures!!  the top one is the first one i did.. the band is a little thicker, but the bottom one is after the modifications.  

btw... that's the name of the pattern :)   


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  1. got here from spain in iowa, simple lives thursday. i've used the headband pattern for numerous gifts and myself. glad to see someone else like it as much as i do!