Tuesday, November 16, 2010

learning from faliure

here's the update on THE PLAN...

picture from gnowfglins

so lets start off with the positive things... the soaking part went really well!!  i tried a raspberry muffin recipe at passionate homemaking, and a pumpkin bread recipe from gnowfglins.  i noticed that when i soaked things i didn't exactly get a stomach ache, but they kinda made me feel a little bit acidic.  after doing a bunch of reading i figured out that i probably wasn't soaking anything as long as i should have.  i had only been soaking things for about 7 hours, but most things say AT LEAST 8 hours, but up to 24!!  this is the next part of our soaking adventure... figuring out how many hours doesn't make me feel any kind of sick.  BUT the exciting thing is that everyone in my family LOVED the pumpkin bread and really liked the muffins!!  this is VERY exciting news because i have some VERY picky siblings!!  :)

we also soaked some oatmeal and i tested out a big bowl to see if i got a stomach ache!  i got a minor one, but once again, i probably need to soak it for longer.  i actually liked it lots better than normal oatmeal.  oh, and we soaked some brown rice and i couldn't even tell a difference!!  i think one of my sisters was paranoid that it had kefir in it and said that i tasted really sour.  but i really couldn't taste it. 

oh boy... now on to the whoopsies, mistakes, floops and failures!!

these rather disgusting looking things are supposed to be pumpkin pancakes.  they were DISGUSTING!!!  i made them with sprouted wheat that we had sprouted and dehydrated.  we let them sprout for JUST A LITTLE too long.  and they didn't work AT ALL!  oh well... live and learn right?? 

this little jar used to be a thriving sourdough start.  the first couple of days it was insanely active!!  then for the next week it just sat there and did nothing.  so i tried another start... and it didn't even do ANYTHING!!!  sigh... so i just decided to continue to work on soaking, try to get my sprouted flour to work and then i'll save up and buy a sourdough start from cultures for health.

so there's the update on THE PLAN!  i'm feeling TONS better and love all the new things that i'm learning!!  i have to admit that this morning i was super discouraged, it's a whole different way of cooking and one that i know nothing about!!  but i'm trying to change my perspective and look at it as an adventure!!  :D  


  1. I am happy for you! And looking forward to following your blog!

  2. You can get a FREE sourdough culture from Here:


    I did, last year (sent them a small donation) and I LOVE my sourdough! If you lived close, I'd give you some!

  3. I sprouted wheat and soaked the flour and made bread from it and everything went fine until I pulled it out of the oven. It had fallen, and I although the outside was quite brown, after baking it twice I couldn't get it to cook on the inside. Still not sure what I did to create that perfect storm!